Small Cove

“Liz Taylor and Richard Burton’s retreat in the 1960s.” We are in one of the most beloved, exclusive and renowned areas of the entire Silver Coast. Often when one thinks of Monte Argentario, the association with Cala Piccola is simply automatic, so famous is the location. Cala Piccola is synonymous with breathtaking sunsets, with warm […]

An Overview of Luxury.

New prestigious properties are enriching our portfolio:a collection of properties located between the beautiful promontory of Ansedonia and Monte Argentario. Whether facing the sunset or toward the coast, overlooking the sea or a stone’s throw from the beach, endowed with extreme privacy or closer to population centers, they all have a common denominator: that of […]

Maremma’s 5 Michelin Stars

Frequently, when thinking of the Maremma, the standard dishes of our tradition come to mind: tortello al ragù di cinghiale ( or pappardelle ), acquacotta and its many variations, cheeses, cured meats, and excellent desserts: cavallucci, schiaccia di Pasqua, frittelle… Not to mention the excellent wine produced in this beautiful region. But there are some […]

Traditions: Palio Marinaro dell’Argentario

Palio Marinaro dell’Argentario Time has stopped, routine is forgotten, August the 15th ( Italian work festivity ) in Porto Santo Stefano tastes different. In the past few day streets became colourful, each district (Rione) a different one, flags waving from balconies and windows showing to which Rione one’s heart belongs. For monthss people dream about the […]