Beaches in Monte Argentario

Beaches in Monte Argentario

Beaches in Monte Argentario … Imagine you want to leave your house during holidays. You don’t want to take the car and face ten minutes of torrid temperatures inside the cockpit. It’s hot and you want to take a dip in the sea. You do not need a lot of fantasy, do you?

Well, although we have spoken of impervious paths to reach many of the beautiful coves that surround the promontory, there are easier solutions.

Reached mostly on foot, today we talk about the beaches: Caletta, Siluripedio and Marinella.

Once in Porto Santo Stefano, all you have to do is cross the port of the Valle, where the ferries to the Isola del Giglio are docked, and reach the Lungomare dei Navigatori.

La Marinella

Here you will find the first beach, the Marinella, made of pebbles with a gentle descent to the sea. Excellent for days at the beach or a few hours of relaxation and a refreshing bath. Here children can play safely without problems thanks to an arm of rocks, placed to cover a part of the shore, which protects against currents and smaller waves.

La Caletta

The beach below the homonymous Hotel is one of the equipped beaches easily reached on foot from the main square of the village. This beach is also excellent for children who can take advantage of a comfortable entry into the water with gradual descent made of pebbles and pebbles, in addition to the service bar and showers.

The Siluripedio

This beach carries its history with it. Here, in addition to a free beach, with a gentle descent towards the sea, you will find the remains of the history of Porto Santo Stefano. In fact, the beach was a place where, during the 2nd World War,  “setting up of the heads and driving mechanisms of the torpedoes”. You will see the old platforms still there.





























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