Family beach in Porto Santo Stefano

Family beach in Porto Santo Stefano

In Monte Argentario, the promontory of southern Tuscany, renowned for being mainly made of rocks, you do not have to go too far to find the pebble and sand beach perfect for families and for those who want the convenience of having the sea close to their home.

In fact, not far from the Giannella you can find the village of Pozzarello, whose beach is the “official” one of Porto Santo Stefano.

Surrounded by the hills of Poggio Pozzarello, Poggio Calvello and Monte Calzolera, it was born as a seaport (the Dentiliana) but starting from the post-war period, the village began to develop as a residential summer district.

The bay of Pozzarello has almost a Californian charm. It is thought that having the road, sometimes trafficked, behind the shoulders, spoils the beauty of this creek, but to be honest it is nothing more than the guarantee of having a comfortable and fast access to the sea.

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Once you have arrived and set up your towel, we guarantee that you will only look in front of you. Do not hesitate to enjoy the sea by observing the mainland opposite.

In Pozzarello you can find alternate the beach served, with the possibility to rent umbrellas and sun beds, or the free beach.

Perfect for summer, it is protected from the winds that often blow in this period and is the ideal place for those who like to go out early in the morning to enjoy the early hours of sunshine, perhaps reading a book or taking a small walk.

And do not forget that we are talking about Monte Argentario, transparent water guaranteed. 

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