Gran Fondo Mtb of Argentario| Mountain bike Race

Gran Fondo Mtb of Argentario| Mountain bike Race

On 25 March 2018 the Gran Fondo Mtb of Argentario will be held.

This year will be the 12th edition and it will be, as always, a great sporting success.
In the last years more than a thousand bikers (one thousand every year), have competed in one of the most beautiful cross-country trails in the world. Here’s how.

The race.

The Gran Fondo Mtb of Argentario is the first stage of the MTB Circuit of the Maremma Tosco Laziale ( that means that the races will take place in Tuscany and Lazio)
The departure and arrival are separated by about 44 km for the main route, made of difficult ascents and descents equally demanding, some parts are really difficult technically also due to the drop of about 1400 meter. The cycle touring mode, on the other hand, includes a 24 km course. To face them there will be more than ten categories, between professional and non-professional cyclists, men and women, under 16 years old or over 65 years old, who will try to tackle the path in the shortest possible time.

The race is a challenge for bikers and interesting entertainment even for those who are not sporty. Especially given the location of the departure, in the center of Porto Santo Stefano and facing the sea, is a new way to relax on Sundays for those who love the outdoors and want, for example, to have a breakfast by the sea enjoying the race.

The location.

Obviously we are not talking about a simple race. The bikers should not only face the territory of Monte Argentario and compete against the challengers.

What will be really difficult is not to stop in front of the breathtaking views that the route of the Argentario Gran Fondo offers.

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The race starts from Porto Santo Stefano, from the Lungomare dei Navigatori (in front of the Turquoise Arena, race field of another sports event on the promontory: the Palio Marinaro dell’Argentario). We then proceed towards the hinterland to follow the perimeter of Monte Argentario up to the beautiful, Acqua Dolce Beach and Spiaggia Lunga Beach near Porto Ercole. Once passed the village (one of the most beautiful villages in Italy), the bikers will reach the little village of Pozzarello and then will return to Porto Santo Stefano.
Finally, in the early afternoon, the awards will be held at the Sports Palace of Porto Santo Stefano.

Will you be there?