Porto Ercole: a day in the “Caravaggio’s City”

Porto Ercole: a day in the “Caravaggio’s City”

Not only has Porto Ercole fully earned the chance to become part of the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy, but for art lovers, it has an extra boost: it offers a path dedicated to the great Italian and world artist Michelangelo Merisi, more commonly known as Caravaggio.


Born in Milan in 1571, Caravaggio began his artistic career in this city, which led him, between the end of the sixteenth century and the beginning of the seventeenth century, to be one of the most important Italian and world painters.

To his innovative painting made of lights and spectacular shadows, he contrasted a restless life made of excesses, which ended up in Porto Ercole.

Fugitive from Rome (for a murder following a fight), he made his first stop in Naples and then headed to Malta where he was jailed and from which he escaped and then returned to Sicily and back to Naples.

Thanks to the benevolence of the Colonna family, Michelangelo Merisi has the opportunity to receive the grace but reached the landing of Palo, he is again arrested, probably by mistake, and loses some of his important works.

To recover them, Caravaggio starts walking towards Porto Ercole where he, unfortunately, dies from an illness.

The route of the Caravaggio City.

The death of Caravaggio has always been a mystery, but in 2001, in the parish of Sant’Erasmo in Porto Ercole was found what apparently without doubts is the act of death of the painter:

Al dì. 18 luglio 1609 nel ospitale di S. Maria Ausiliatrice morse Michel Angelo Merisi da Caravaggio dipintore per malattia” – Italian registration about Caravaggio’s death “

The citizens are the authorities of Porto Ercole wanted to pay tribute to the painter, dedicating a path that leads to the Mausoleum of Caravaggio and the hospital where he spent his last moments.

In 2014, the Tomba di Caravaggio Mausoleum was inaugurated, part of the largest project to create a Funeral Monumental Park.

In this season, too cold for trips to the sea and a dip in the transparent waters of Monte Argentario, the route Città del Caravaggio is an excellent solution to enjoy sunny days enjoying art and architecture.

There are 21 posts that in addition to retracing the last days of the painter, illustrate the beauty of Porto Ercole, its buildings, the most evocative places, and the sea views.

A small note: a new current of thought has begun to question that Caravaggio’s death actually occurred in Porto Ercole. We await new developments with you.