Porto Ercole, the night of the pirates.

Porto Ercole, the night of the pirates.

The next weekend in Porto Ercole disembark the Pirates!

The country changes face, people disguise themselves, inns and inns become dens of pirates, all to remember the sackings that struck the country centuries ago.

So get ready for three days of assaults and raids!

It all starts tomorrow, Friday, May 4th, with the parade of the Pirate Youth crews. Even children have their traditional treasure hunt!

Saturday 5, from 18.30 you must not miss the spectacular parade of pirates which will show the historical re-enactment of the Corsaro Barbarossa attack to which the whole event is dedicated.

Reached the promenade, with screams and flames, duels and fireworks, the crews attack the small coves of the village, but it does not end here!

The frenetic treasure hunt at night starts with the cannon shot! You will see hundreds of pirates running through the streets of Porto Ercole in an attempt to resolve the questions as quickly as possible. Only in this way will they succeed in winning the victory.

Finally, on Sunday 5, along with the Circolo Vela Argentario, the Corsair Regatta is organized. Six boats, six crews, dressed as pirates, challenge each other to climb the islet of Porto Ercole.

At 7.00 pm the best crews and the best lair will be awarded.

Do not forget to visit the Pirate Cave.

Inaugurated in April, this cave is open to the public all year round. Inside you will find a pirate atmosphere: dim lights, treasure chests, treasures … and skeletons. In addition you can see the previous editions through video installations. All to remember a turbulent past for this country, which however made of its pirates, an event loved by the whole province and by tourists who, sometimes unaware, find themselves surrounded by men with a blindfolded eye, wooden legs, swords and parrots colored on the shoulder.