The sea of Monte Argentario

The sea of Monte Argentario

The pride of Monte Argentario

Monte Argentario is a 60 sqm promontory in the south of Tuscany and, think about it: it is 1\20 of Rome, about 1\30 of London and 1\40 of Moscow.

In those 60 sqm there are 39 beautiful and suggestive coves and beaches.

That means you just have to choose, but be careful: all are made by crystalline water and pebbles-made beaches, and most of them are hidden inside the Maremma’s forest with the perfect view of the sea and island.

You’ll need more than one summer!

The coast and the mainland

In the north of Monte Argentario there are some bathhouse. The Caletta and Moletto, for example, are both next to the central plaza of Porto Santo Stefano, but there are also free spaces for who doesn’t need sunshade and deckchairs.
Do you want more? Pozzarello, Bionda, the Bagni di Domiziano or the 9 km long Giannella and Feniglia. From Porto Santo Stefano you just have to walk or go by scooter and in few minutes you will be in some of the most beautiful beaches of Italy.

The other side of Argentario

Maybe a little bit harder, maybe challenging, but trust me, definitely amazing. I’m talking about the other side of Argentario. The side who look at Giglio Island, Giannutri Island, to the horizon.
 Cala Grande, Cala del Gesso, le Cannelle, l’Acqua Dolce or the Spiaggia Lunga are the most loved ones.
The amazing show that you’ll find at the end, worth every meter of walk through paths, some of them long, some shorter, and worth every uphill and downhill in the middle of the Macchia Mediterranea. No matter how much high is the hill where you are, you will always see the sea. Turquoise water, incredibly transparent, where the boats seems to fly rather than float.

The Silver Coast deserves the title of Jewel of Italy.

Like pirates

Are you afraid by difficult roads?

Like the sailor-tradition of Monte Argentario you can forget impossible footpaths and go by the easiest way: by sea!

Rent a boat is easy here, the residents are at your disposal and there are a lot of facilities.
For who of you is more inexperienced I suggest to ask about the best coves. The residents will tell you the best one based on the wind. Trust them!

In the next months we will describe all of this beauties… Read & Choose.