Villas and indipendent houses in Monte Argentario!

Villas and indipendent houses in Monte Argentario!

Sometimes all we need is to be in peace, relax and total tranquility.

If you live in big cities, if you have a stressful routine and you are surrounded by a chaotic lifestyle; if you are always on the phone and in traffic, maybe an apartment is not really the right solution for you.

Get away from all this is certainly easier, if at the end of your journey (which is 2 or 4 or 6 hours or maybe more… ) there is a detached house, probably with a garden, surrounded by tall trees. In addition, since we are in Monte Argentario, your house will be also close to the sea!

For this reason, today we offer you:

5 independent properties in Monte Argentario … and surroundings.


This exclusive villa is located about 1 km from Porto Santo Stefano. Composed of a tower of the ‘600 and an outbuilding, it is surrounded by a private garden of about 2,500 square meters furnished with living areas and dining areas in addition to the barbecue. The request is € 700.000.


This is a small villa located in the upper part of Porto Santo Stefano. It enjoys a breathtaking sea view and large outdoor areas with terraces where you can spend pleasant days and dinners with friends. The request is € 690.000.


We move on to Giannella for this wonderful villa a stone’s throw from the sandy beach. Surrounded by a private garden, it is immersed in the tranquility of the pine forest. The request is € 500.000.


Let’s go back to Monte Argentario, more precisely inside the renowned Cala Piccola consortium. This small villa with private garden is a jewel of about 75 square meters. The consortium’s sea fee is included in the offer. The request is € 480.000


Finally a smaller solution in the hill of Porto Santo Stefano. About 80 square meters for this detached house with a large veranda and private garden. The request is € 250,000.

What do you think? Are you ready to give yourself complete relaxation without neighbors and without city traffic?

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