Amazing villa near the sea in Monte Argentario

Amazing villa near the sea in Monte Argentario

Renowned for the large villas overlooking the sea, Monte Argentario can surprise you with prestigious residences a stone’s throw from the beach.

Today we present some solutions that have this prestigious as rare feature in our promontory: here are the villas near the sea in Monte Argentario.

Imagine waking up in the morning and having breakfast with the sound of the waves in the background, the voice of the seagulls fluttering wide and the sea breeze that refreshes you while you savor a coffee on your veranda or terrace.

Imagine the joy of young and old in front of the opportunity to take a refreshing bath on hot summer days, without having to move from home.

Buy home in front of La Bionda beach.

A two-level villa, two separate apartments with separate entrances that share a private garden literally two meters from one of the most beloved (and perhaps hidden) coves of Porto Santo Stefano. More information on this villa for sale here.

A beachfront villa? At the Bay of Pozzarello!

A colonial-style house a stone’s throw from the main beach of Porto Santo Stefano. It will be enough to cross the road with the comfortable underpass to reach the large bay. Here you will find an area served with bars, umbrellas and sunbeds, or a free part. The Bay of Pozzarello is great for walking along the seashore, even out of season. Find out more at this link.

Luxury villa on the beach!

This beautiful villa surrounded by pine trees and positioned in a context of a few exclusive properties is the ideal choice for those seeking the proximity to the sand. With a private path you can reach the beach and dedicate yourself to the activities you love the most. You can swim, run, have fun with the sup or go boating. Or you can simply enjoy the beautiful sunsets. Here is the link to the villa.

Villa on the Giannella beach

Away from the daily chaos, surrounded by a private garden and a few meters from the sea. Even here you will not have to do is relax and abandon the routine and stress of your work both in summer, when in a few minutes you will reach the beach, which in winter in front of the fireplace. Find out more here.