Autumn in Argentario: the Spanish Fortress of Porto Santo Stefano

Autumn in Argentario: the Spanish Fortress of Porto Santo Stefano

In Italy, in Tuscany, each country has its own monument that identifies it.
Proud of their history, the villages of our region have always maintained a high interest in their artistic heritage.

The most famous are certainly the Duomo of Florence, the Tower of Pisa or Piazza del Campo in Siena.

Monte Argentario is not far behind and, beyond the naturalistic strength of the beaches and the “Caribbean” waters that distinguish it, it hosts important forts along its perimeter.

Find an overview of the towers at this link.

The Spanish Fortress of Porto Santo Stefano

As soon as you arrive in Porto Santo Stefano, you can see the Spanish Fortress that dominates the profile of the village.
Built between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries when the Argentario became part of the State of the Presidi, this example of military fortification was born to protect the historic center of the country.

The Exhibitions

To date, the Fortress is not only open to visitors, but houses inside two permanent exhibitions as well as private and public events.

The Museum of the master carpenters pays tribute to the skills of building the boats of the inhabitants of this country, which have made the sea a reason for living. The tools of the trade and the scale constructions of the fishing vessels are here waiting for you.

The second exhibition that you can visit all year round is that of the Submerged Memories. For many years the promontory has been a crossing point for many Etruscan, Gregoian and Roman commercial routes.

For this reason, here you will find a large exhibition of artifacts that were found in the Maremma and Argentario waters dating back to ancient times.

In addition, very fun especially for children, in the courtyard of the Fortress you will find the reconstruction of a Roman boat.

Unfortunately, the summer is over, but Monte Argentario does not go out. Museums, permanent and non-permanent exhibitions, and new sporting events await you.

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