Beaches at Monte Argentario

Beaches at Monte Argentario

In Monte Argentario, we know, there are beaches loved by everyone, very popular and reachable both by land and by sea.

But today we speak about a small corner hidden from the inexperienced, a place that is rarely visited even by those born here: the beach of Cacciarella.

This is the first cove reachable on foot leaving from Porto Santo Stefano following the panoramic direction and perhaps it is also the smallest. To reach it, it is necessary to follow a fairly impervious path that leads you to the sea.

The views from here leave you breathless and the descent is worth every single moment.

Once you arrive you will find yourself in an intimate and small beac that will put you in close contact with nature. There are no bars or factories (there would be no place!) And in fact, even phone coverage is reduced to almost zero. An oasis of peace in which to relax away from the chaos.

Some curiosities:

  • Near this beach is the Grotta del Turco. It is said that some fishermen  escape from an attack by pirates hiding right inside this beautiful cave.
  • Between the Spiaggia della Cacciarella and Cala Grande, submerged at about 15 km of depth, is the statue of Christ the Redeemer, donated by an anonymous person to the village to protect its waters. Here you can find the link to the video of the immersion of the statue after the restoration (note the video is published on the page monte

[immobile titolo=”A villa near the Cacciarella” descrizione=”Exclusive Country House with the characteristic construction and style typical of the Tuscan residences, with terracotta floors, exposed beams and thick walls”]