Tradition: Porto Ercole celebrate Saint Erasmo

Tradition: Porto Ercole celebrate Saint Erasmo

Between 31 May and 2 June, the patron Saint Erasmus is celebrated in Porto Ercole, protector of sailors and fishermen.

It is a tradition that for centuries has celebrated the martyrdom of the Bishop of Antioch and that for days brings together the population between solemn moments and festivities.

The program

We start with the “Girotondo di Canzoni” on the evening of May 31, when the children will perform singing in front of their country. Friday evening instead of music and party with live performances.

The morning of June 2 opens with the solemn mass, while the evening opens with the traditional procession to the sea that starts from Piazza Santa Barbara to Molo De Angelis where the bust of Sant’Erasmo is brought up on an illuminated fishing boat that together to other boats it accompanies the Saint to wide to bless the sea.

After this evocative celebration we must all go to the seafront to witness the splendid fireworks display.

On the afternoon of June 3, the historical procession begins that accompanies the village on the seafront from where it will be possible to see the Regio “Quattro Forti” Regatta.

After the traditional bingo, Fausto Leali, an italian famous singer, will close the festivities this year.