Le Cannelle: a rare sandy beach in Monte Argentario

Le Cannelle: a rare sandy beach in Monte Argentario

In a promontory famous for its beaches made of pebbles and rocks, reachable by land with difficult paths, there is a cove where small pebbles alternate with a sandy bottom.

The Cannelle beach is located on the southern slope of Monte Argentario. It is surrounded by a cliff that protects it and is dominated, on the left, by the tower of the same name (which cannot be visited because it is private).

Thanks to the sandy bottom it is preferred by those who love swimming or by those who are more sporty, perhaps over a sup. In addition, in all web pages that talk about this haul, (or if you ask those who know it well), the advice is the same: to arrive by sea to the Mar Morto, the wildest cove of the promontory.

Another feature that distinguishes this cove from all others is definitely the bar directly on the beach. A sandwich, an ice cream, a coffee … all the comforts in front of this beautiful landscape that, even if on the beach there are residences, houses and a restaurant, it keeps its nature intact.

This is definitely a beach that you should visit, with a suggestion: wait for the sunset before leaving.