Monte Argentario Winter Series 2017\2018!

Monte Argentario Winter Series 2017\2018!

Monte Argentario Winter Series 2017\2018!

On 29 October 2017, the Monte Argentario Winter Series 2017 \ 2018 Championship began.

More than 40 splendid sailing boats have clashed and will clash on the turquoise waters of the Argentario until March 4, 2018.

If you are looking for proof that the sea is alive even in Winter, you are reading the right article!

The history of the Monte Argentario sailboat race.
Already since the Seventies, events dedicated to sailing sports have been organized. First locally, then national and international to arrive today with fixed appointments such as the Argentario Sailing Week, the Grand Soleil Cup or the Argentario Sailing Week.

For decades the Argentario Coastal Race has been one of the fixed events of the autumn-winter season in Monte Argentario. Proud of this tradition, the Sailing Club Canottieri of Porto Santo Stefano, the Yacht Club Santo Stefano and the Circolo Nautico and the Vela Argentario have joined forces.

Since 2016 they have created an event, MonteArgentario Winter Series, even more engaging for those who love this sport, but also for those who do not know it.

The competition
You will see sailing boats over 8 meters divided into three categories: Regatta, Crociera and Gran Crociera.

Scenography of this event could not be other than the splendid coasts of Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole.

The departure is from the latter, which will frame the race for five days, and then pass the baton in Porto Santo Stefano.