Looking for the perfect panorama in Argentario

Looking for the perfect panorama in Argentario

Always a synonym of sea, beaches and rocks, Monte Argentario is a fantastic destination for lovers of crystal clear waters.

Today, however, let’s go further, let’s go up, let’s look for the perfect landscape and sea view.

Today we bring you in “mountain”.

The Convent of the Passionist Fathers

Monte Argentario is a promontory with a peak that rises up to 635 meters above sea level, called Punta Telegrafo. From the beginning of the Tombolo della Giannella you have to go in the direction of Orbetello and take the provincial road that leads to the Convent.

This is the first stage of our “mountain tour”.

Surrounded by the Mediterranean vegetation and isolated from Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano, appears the convent founded by San Paolo della Croce.

The first time I see it and we look at the panorama it offers, we simply can not look away.

On the left the Tombolo of Giannella, on the right the Tombolo of Feniglia and in the middle the tongue of earth on which Orbetello is born.

You will be able to see the marvelous work of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Albegna river, which linked Monte Argentario to the mainland.

Just like the drones: wide, a loss of eye and clear and exciting colors.

Even further to the left you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Uccellina hills, Talamone and the weather allows it, in the background you will also see Monte Amiata.

“La Sorgente” a rustic outdoor shelter where you can taste the typical flavors of Maremma: mushrooms, wild boar or polenta.

The Argentario Cross

Continuing our journey we quickly arrive at the beautiful cross of the Argentario. Located on one of the highest and most scenic points of the promontory.

The cross bears witness to the history and faith of the inhabitants of the area.

Inaugurated in 1934, 19 meters high, the cross was destroyed ten years later by the bombings of the Second World War, but, like all Monte Argentario, has risen from its ashes, and was rebuilt in 1948 by a meter higher.

You will not regret having reached it, the landscape is wonderful, a gift from God.

Punta Telegrafo.

Then we reach the summit, today, by huge antennas for the detection of weather data, antennas for telecommunications and RAI.

However it has not always been this way; during Napoleon’s rule a tower was built called Ancien Sémaphore Saint-André, used for British ships. It then became secondary during the Kingdom of Italy, was finally demolished in the Sixties.

From Punta Telegrafo one remains enraptured observing the spectacle of the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. Isola del Giglio, Giannutri and if you’re lucky, the fictional island of Montecristo. Without considering that, if nature wants to make an incredible gift, you could also see the profile of Corsica.

Simply perfect, no? Enjoy a virtual view at this link.

This beautiful route can be done by car, bike or foot, there are indeed fantastic trekking routes that will make you discover the area.

Perhaps spoiled for choice, do not miss this wonderful place!

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