Porto Ercole, the Etruscan village in front of the sea

Porto Ercole, the Etruscan village in front of the sea

The sunrise in Porto Ercole

On the eastern coast of Monte Argentario there is a village with less than three thousand inhabitants, which in 2014 became part of the “most beautiful villages in Italy”.

A country of Etruscan origin, which was born as a small and ancient nucleus on the hill, dominated by the imposing Rocca Spagnola.

This country is none other than Porto Ercole.

The frame of the original village is defined by two walls and out of them Porto Ercole develops and grows.
Continues to the north, and completely embraces the small gulf to the south of Monte Argentario, up to the modern touristic harbour marina of Cala Galera. Near the latter was recently found an Etruscan necropolis to confirm the origins of the country.

What made it one of the most beautiful villages in Italy?

Immersed in the Mediterranean vegetation and overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, Porto Ercole boasts many natural and historical attractions, absolutely worth visiting.
From Piazza di Santa Barbara and the homonymous Bastion, to the Governors Palace built in the first half of the sixteenth century. From the church of Sant’Erasmo, built on top of the ancient village, up to the wonderful Forte Stella. From Forte Filippo to the Rocca Spagnola, reachable by crossing the Porta Senese dominated by the Clock Tower.

Around the village you can then see the luxurious villas belonging to royals or VIPs, who loved and love Monte Argentario and which confirm the strategic position of the promontory, for those who want unique houses in an inimitable place.

The beaches at Porto Ercole
Only some names: the Spiaggia Lunga, the Spiaggia dell’Acqua Dolce or the Cannelle.
All have the same inimitable footprint, ie pebble beach and clear water like a pool. It is not surprising, in fact, that those who live in Porto Ercole, in the summer or all year, almost refuse to go to the sea outside their own area.
When you have perfection at your fingertips it’s hard to give it up.

The festivals of Sant’Erasmo and La notte dei Pirati.

Proud of its origins, the inhabitants of the village celebrate their history in two particular events: the festivals of Sant’Erasmo and the Notte dei Pirati ( Pirate’s Night ).

To celebrate the patron, whole days are organized, even ten days, alternating fireworks, the “quattro forti” rowing regatta, anticipated by the parade of the historical parade and a foot race, called “trefoil of the four Spanish forts”, organized by children and adults.

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Extremely funny then, is the night of the pirates, which recalls the June 1544 when the pirate Barbarossa besieged Porto Ercole.
On this occasion, the country is transformed and becomes a den of Pirates. The locals take the form of the dance halls and the streets are filled with masked inhabitants. You can see the spectacular landing of the pirates arriving by sea and introduce the Treasure Hunt. The next day, you can then enjoy the Regatta of the Pirates, busy reaching Isolotto first and bringing the flag back to testify of their business.

As always, Monte Argentario proves to be active towards its inhabitants and tourists, putting into play what nature and the centuries have given it: the perfect sea, the pride for its history and the pride of the inhabitants for their territory.