Porto Santo Stefano: one village, a lot of places

Porto Santo Stefano: one village, a lot of places

If you have decided to buy a house in Porto Santo Stefano means that you have fallen in love with its crystal clear waters, the excellent fish cuisine, the mild climate, the colors of this jewel of the south of the Maremma.

Maybe you spent your free time here, or maybe it was love at first sight during your week of holidays, but the point is this: now that you have chosen the “rock”, it will be difficult to change your mind.

But where to choose your home in Porto Santo Stefano? which is the area that best suits you?

The four districts

For those who do not know, since the establishment of the Palio Marinaro dell’Argentario, Porto Santo Stefano has been divided into four districts: Croce, Fortezza, Pilarella and Valle, and take care not to call them districts! The attachment that the inhabitants of this country have for their territory, for the traditions and for the palio has made the districts of the perfect geographical coordinates.

To help you make the most of your choice, here are the strengths of each area of the country:

Rione Croce

Porto Santo Stefano begins to develop especially in the area surrounding the Fortress and close to the sea, a source of work and commerce. This original nucleus, the historical center, today bears the name of Rione Croce.

Here you cross stone alleys, climbs and descents, granite paving and arches, almost to decorate the old houses that have nothing to envy to the new. Spokesman of the district is the parish church dedicated to the Protomartyrus Stephen flanked by the bell tower, a reference point visible from all over the country.

The historic center is a quiet and extremely convenient area: it will allow you to easily move on foot and reach bars, restaurants and supermarkets.

Not only that, with a slight walk of about ten minutes you can reach at least four beaches, a unique comfort.

Rione Fortezza

Hat of Porto Santo Stefano, placed to protect the other three districts and headed by the Spanish Fortress, is one of the symbols of the military importance of the promontory.

The boundaries of the Rione Fortezza are the only ones not to be in contact with the sea and for this reason the anthropological nature of the local territory has been peasant for many years, until becoming mainly residential and tourist. From here came oil, wine, fruit and vegetables able to provide the livelihood of the country.

Thanks to a part of the Via Panoramica this district offers spectacular views of the sea and the harbor as well as the convenience of walking to the historic center and the main square of Porto Santo Stefano.

Rione Pilarella

Born on a source of drinking water from which it takes its name (Pila), the Pilarella district was born from that central nucleus called “Case del Molo” that developed precisely because of the presence of the fountain.

The Pilarella District is the last one you find once you enter Porto Santo Stefano, but it is also the one on which some of the most beautiful villas on the promontory have been built and which hosts the greatest tourist flow.

The views from every point are simply breathtaking, especially moving away from the center, at the top of the panoramic road and the Strada del Sole that offer a beautiful sea view that embraces the gulf to Ansedonia.

In the Pilarella district you will find restaurants and bars, as well as the most popular bathing establishments across the country. In summer, do not hesitate to walk along the pier of Pilarella, you will find beautiful yachts in front of you.

However, you will not be disappointed even in winter when the central hours sun warms and illuminates the Case del Molo.

Rione Valle

As soon as you arrive to the inhabited center of Porto Santo Stefano you will find yourself in the widest of the four wards established in 1937. What was initially a flat area, today is the industrial area of the village where the dock is located, which was the cradle of the district , and the shipyards, a source of work for the whole area.

Starting from the construction sites, proceeding towards the Campone area and arriving at the Molo del Valle, we visit a whole neighborhood that has been uninhabited, or almost, until the early twentieth century, has developed as a center of commerce, especially thanks to Via Roma where you can find numerous shops.

Where to live?

The streets of Porto Santo Stefano are jealously guarded by the boundaries of the districts that, at the approach of the palio, light up their colors with big and small flags along the road or waving from windows, terraces and balconies.

In conclusion, be careful where you choose your home because this will mean choosing which side to stay in the historic race of August 15!

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