Vip in Monte Argentario

Vip in Monte Argentario

Vip in Monte Argentario: in the past.

In ancient times the family of Nero, the Domizi Enobarbi, built a villa for residential use not far from the end of the Tombolo della Giannella, towards Porto Santo Stefano. They were not the only ones. Remains of other villas dating back to the Roman period in fact populate the whole territory.
Followed by less fortunate periods, such as the State of the Presidi with the fortifications and the militarization of the promontory, until the Second World War that brought with it a total destruction of the Monte Argentario countries.

But then the war is over and from this moment the love of the nobility and the VIPs on the promontory has no more rivals.

From the outside, the promontory is seen as an oasis of luxury for celebrities of the show, surrounded by natural parks and protected areas.

In fact, when you grow up and you start to know Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano more closely, what is most surprising is the ease (and the boast) with which the inhabitants of Monte Argentario speak of the various famous people and villas that they owned a step away from the sea. Because yes, it is so normal that the Dutch nobility or world stylists reach the promontory, which does not pay attention to it, they are almost “close to each other”.

King s and queen

Historically we start from the families of the papal nobility: the Corsini and the Borghese, owners of Porto Ercole, the Odescalchi, the Colonna, the Borgias, the Aldobrandi and the Orsini. Then the royals of Holland arrive in the sixties, with the construction of their famous villa in Porto Ercole, the Happy Elephant, which officially consecrated the Silver Coast as “the promontory of the kings”.

In short, it was rumored that without possessing a noble title, the Argentario was off-limits. Sometimes it was really like this and this was proved by the rumored arrival of the deposed King of Egypt Faruk, and by the presence at some parties, of Princess Soraya.

The VIP Promontory.

After the nobility, new faces began to arrive: those of cinema, of music, both domestically and overseas.

In the 1960s, Anita Ekberg, Ava Gardner, Sophia Loren, Gregory Peck, Marcello Mastroianni, Walter Chiari and Frank Sinatra followed each other to the delight of the paparazzi. Even the institute Luce has reported the love for Monte Argentario by Charlie Chaplin and, in another historical period, made news that after only a year after the murder of her husband, Jaqueline Kennedy landed on the promontory.
They caused a stir then Ornella Vanoni, the story of her Maremma lover and the crazy nights at King’s, or Greta Garbo who is said to have taken a naked bath in Santa Liberata.

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