Design & luxury: styles compared

Design & luxury: styles compared

Classic, elegant and rustic shapes. Modern design with clean lines. The search for amazement.
The villas of Monte Argentario reflect multiple versions of what it means: prestige.


The tradition of Tuscan farms overlooking the Cala Piccola


Built in the early Sixties this property boasts all the rustic elements typical of Tuscan history.

On two levels it offers a very large veranda characterized by arches and climbing plants.

The façade alternates stone parts with exposed walls and masonry, accurately reproducing the style of the spectacular stone tower, an integral part of the building.

This exchange of materials and colors is also reflected in the interior, where rustic round arches give personality to the common areas characterized by ceramic or terracotta floors and roofs with exposed beams.



The search for light a few steps from Porto Santo Stefano


It is impossible to enter this villa and not be dazzled by the immensity of the living areas.

A double-height living room whose large windows, adorned with refined textures, welcome maximum brightness; here, even if the eye runs immediately although the eye immediately runs upward, even the floors have their strengths alternating materials such as terracotta, ceramic decorations, and wood inlays.

Wood is also the predominant material that characterizes the ceiling.

Of this property, one can not but admire the large central staircase built with the intent of recalling the shape of the bow of a ship.



Luxury & Design


We move towards Porto Ercole, inside the luxurious Argentario Golf Resort & Spa.

This villa is made entirely with prestigious materials and is characterized by modern and soft shapes, and a clean and linear design with soft colors.

The building, with its structure designed to blend in with nature and interiors, with exposed beams and parquet, reflects the essence of the typical style of a cottage, however, the modern furnishings, the home theater systems, the whirlpool, and Turkish bath make the property absolutely contemporary.

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