Pills of History – The Roman origins of Monte Argentario

Pills of History – The Roman origins of Monte Argentario

The villa below ( and inside ) the villas.

Italy and history, an inseparable binomial.

We can not move a step, digging on the ground or raising our eyes to the sky without “stumbling” in a relic.
Like the rest of our nation, Monte Argentario offers a path that does not spare itself to be part of history in all ages.
Know that it is just at the gates of Porto Santo Stefano that the origins of this country are semi-hidden.

Walk on the story

Why do the origins of the country define them as semi-hidden? Because they are below sea level.

After Pozzarello you have to look towards a villa overlooking the sea.
More precisely, observe well those “rocks” that you see in transparency under the sea, just in front of the coast. Here, those are not simple “stones”, but are the remains of a villae maritimae, the summer residence of the rich Roman family of the Enobarbi, which, to be clear, was the family of Nero.
Known as bankers, the enobarbi have most probably contributed to the birth of the name of the municipality, given that they were called “Argentarii” or the money-lenders.

What I love most about this place is the possibility of “walking on history”. Literally.

How to reach the Bagni of Domiziano.

After a gate that is always open and with free access to the public, continue along a path that leads to the pebble and pebble beach called “Bagni di Domiziano”.
Most of the remains of the villa and of the environments used for breeding fish are located below sea level, but they are perfectly visible, especially during the low tide days.
Watching carefully, in fact, you will see the waves of the sea ripple and reveal the presence of the ancient tanks.
The ruins of the ancient house, however, have partly emerged and are part of the property where are located famous villas.

Without problems then, you can take a bath in the same sea where the noble Roman families dived in 36. a. C.
Maybe I’d better say “dive into history”.

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