Restaurant in Monte Argentario?

Restaurant in Monte Argentario?


Living in a seaside place has many positive aspects, among these: the restaurants that offer you fresh fish.

Monte Argentario is without a doubt the perfect place for those who want to savor the seafood.

We start from the typical dishes of our culinary tradition, then get to the excellence of gastronomy in Michelin starred restaurants. Here you abandon, without betraying it, the typical cuisine of the area, to transform it, adapt it and surprise our palates with new tastes.

The dishes between tradition and modernity.

The quality raw material is important, that is why we assure you that you will find great food in all the restaurants of Monte Argentario. The fresh, fresh fish, is brought directly from the beach to your tables.

First of all: mussel soutè, seafood salad, octopus with potatoes or marinated anchovies, and then exceed the standards trying salmon carpaccio, tuna tartare, sea bass soufflé or cod with a warm and creamy heart. Hungry?

Secondly: open the taste buds for the first dish. Spaghetti with seafood, gnocchi with scampi cream or sea carbonara. Do you prefer the main courses: swordfish or grilled sea bass, excellent fries or more delicate dishes, between raw or cooked (mussels, oysters, prawns or salmon) or monkfish carpaccio.

If you love special flavors, you can not try the Bottarga of Orbetello, especially sprinkled over spaghetti with clams.

Simply “taste of the sea”.

But that is not all.

We are in the middle of the sea is true, but we are also in Maremma.
Although fewer, you will also find excellent restaurants with meat dishes: tortelli or tagliatelle with wild boar ragout, steaks (of Chianina or maremmana) or mixed grilled. For all tastes.

The sea view

And in the end, how not to talk about it: in a restaurant in Monte Argentario there will almost never be a sea view.
Some offer a panoramic view, wide and disarming, others, many actually, will welcome you even on the shore, literally.
Imagine then a lunch in front of the beach, sip a wine during a taste of appetizers, or a dinner with the moon reflected on the ripples of the water.

Beautiful and so, so romantic.

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